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Our investment strategy is based on market conditions, active management, and the ability to be agile and react to the changing tides of the market. FrostGate Capital is focusedĀ on US equities and derivative securities.

Our simplistic approach to investing is based on value with a long-term outlook usingĀ a timeless strategy to find worthwhile investments. Looking at fundamentals very closely, we ponder the future of the sector and make decisions based on our macro view of the market with a 6-18 month outlook.

Investments for the future

market research

analyzing company financials

Starting with the Chart as many do, we look for the trend and what direction the company or sector is moving. We generally do not bet against the trend unless we find something fundamentally wrong with the company or the overall financial markets.

To create our official financial report for a company, we dive into their finances, reading their reports, look at P/E ratio, Altman Z score, implied volatility, open interest in options, annual growth rate, earnings, and past earnings targets. Looking at the sector as a whole, we also look at the competition and trends of each company in that sector. Additionally, we have a number of algorithms that supply us with more data to help make decisions.

forward thinking portfolio

Macro data and market trends are the most important factors in the short term decision making process, we use fundamental data along with technical analysis to manage risk and determine entry and exit points.

Our investment strategy is subject to change without prior notice.

meet the team

bridging intelligence and intuition

  • Justin Gainer
    Justin Gainer

    Sales Representative

  • Nick Irby
    Nick Irby

    Equity Analyst

  • Robin Middlebrook
    Robin Middlebrook

    Hedge Fund Manager

  • Jackson Allen
    Jackson Allen

    Equity Analyst

  • Alexander Deutsch
    Alexander Deutsch Director of Research

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