Renewable Energy

For years now, we have heard politicians call for greater use of Renewable Energy, but let’s address why we still have not embraced them and why we likely will not for the foreseeable future. [...]

Why Invest in Gold?

It’s time to have an honest conversation about Gold – why it’s valuable, why investors used it to secure wealth over time, and how our current economy values it. Why it’s Valuable? All portfolios [...]

Hedge Funds Vs. Big Banks

Are big banks  really better? There is a persona that big banks are safer than hedge funds. However, I want to argue the contrary. Big banks are run by people that don’t care about you or [...]

3 Types of Traders

There are 3 types of traders in the traders life cycle. 1 – The Sheep: These are the people that keep the money flowing. The sheep are the ones who follow any tip from tweets or posts and [...]

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