FrostGate Capital’s Digital Asset Fund: FrostGate Digital Assets

People can now access technology that brings unprecedented levels of trust and security to data transmission in the Blockchain Revolution era. This new cryptocurrency frontier is:

  • Decentralized: No one entity controls the platform and the participants in the network delegate consensus
  • Immutable in Public Ledger: Blockchains can be modified to achieve anonymity, but transaction history remains public
  • Efficient: Faster and cheaper to move data or assets from point A to point B
FrostGate Capital Digital Asset Fund

We manage our portfolio by balancing our digital investments in a digital wallet. The fund will store the majority of our investments in a secure cold storage for added security. Frostgate Digital assets will provide ICO White Paper Research and analytics to help adapt to the changing digital asset world to be invested in relevant technology. The diverse portfolio include: Cryptocurrency trading, Arbitrage Trading, and Trading Tokenized Assets. FrostGate Digital Assets trades in Staking And Lending Pools and BTC Futures Contracts.

Blockchian Revolution History

e coins

1983 : First Distributed Ledger

The first mainstream protocol emerges (E-cash). It is a simple way to have a scarce resource which can transmit value.

2009 : Bitcoin

The first globally adopted brand of protocols for Bitcoin. This proposal by unidentified entity “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

2013: Ethereum

Smart contracts allow users of a network to establish an “If This, Then That” protocol. Current ERC-20 blockchain reports heavy volume of new start-ups launching on Ethereum network.

2016: Altcoins

A variety of new protocols emerge daily. 

2017 : Boom of Blockchain

The third wave of blockchain boom brings many companies to decentralized blockchain networks. Markets become inundated with capital and “me-too” coins​.

2018 : Blockchain Alternatives

Tangle and Hashgraph technology produce superior speeds across all metrics creating viable alternatives to BTC, ETH, and other functional digital cash like coins for purpose built utility tokens.

Types of Coins/Tokens We Manage

A widely accepted blockchain based currency such as Bitcoin will help people keep and transfer value when Fiat money is not effective

Ethereum provides that backbone, an ERC-20 token. This makes use of built-in Smart Contracts which allow for “If this, then that” protocols​.

The internet is evolving, and needs new code protocols to be built on. In order to overcome issues regarding scale, speed, and efficiency, IOTA uses the Tangle Ledger.


As more devices become connected to the internet, they will need a way to transmit data and value for their work​. Golem is a perfect example of this.

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